Body to Body Massage London

We will start by having you remove your clothes and lie face down on your bed (or massage table if visiting our central London Studio), to begin the process of our sensational body-to-body massage. The first stage is designed to completely relax your body and mind - to get you to a place where the troubles of your day vanish from your mind. You will note that from the beginning of the body-to-body massage, our masseuse will be semi-clad and importantly bare-breasted, ready for the second stage of the experience. When you are completely relaxed she will then be begin to slide her body over yours. This is a particularly sensual experience as you will feel her firm breasts and hard nipples slipping over the skin on your legs, buttocks, back and neck. At the appropriate time, your masseuse will ask you to turn over and continue with the body slides across the front of your body, paying particular attention to your genital area. You are encouraged to watch and for polite gentlemen, mutual touching will be allowed. However please respect us by always ask permission before you touch, as this is not a sexual service. Most men get to a state of dizzy rapture by this point. Remember these special caresses are all for you. Finally, the focus of the body-to-body massage will become your penis, where the tantric caress of our fingers is guaranteed to lead to an explosive conclusion! 

This unconventional, Tantra-inspired technique is extremely popular and effective due to the potent combination of its erotic and therapeutic effects. As the name suggests, in a body to body massage, your masseuses uses her charming body to massage yours. As she slithers... 

Body to Body Massage